Good, small-batch vodka is the perfect base for homemade vodka infusions. These infusions can be used in craft cocktails, as an extra special ingredient, or all on their own! Check out our top five DIY vodka infusions below.

Fig, Vanilla Bean, and Cardamom Infusion

Figs are totally in season and this infusion is a sweet treat for any cocktail! Plus, it’s so easy to make! All you need is some vodka, fresh organic figs, vanilla beans, dried cardamom pods, and the jars to store your infusion.

Simply add all the ingredients to a jar, let your concoction sit in the fridge for about a week, strain, and serve. Check out Tasty Yummies for some cocktail recipes to try with your new vodka infusion.

Vodka Infused Watermelon

This recipe is quick, easy and perfect for warm weather! All you need is a nice ripe watermelon and some good vodka, (hint hint Green Hope). Plus, add a cute little mason jar or pretty drink dispenser for Instagram-worthy servings.

Gather your watermelon, sugar, and vodka. Slice your watermelon into cubes, add about a tablespoon of sugar, and fill a mason jar or similar jar to the top with vodka. Shake it up and set it in the fridge for a few days and your delicious cocktail will be good to go in no time! Props to Simply Tangerine for this delicious recipe.

Pickle Infused Vodka

This recipe might not be for everyone, but pickle lovers everywhere rejoice!

For this infusion choose both high-quality vodka and high-quality pickles and pickled veggies. Your batch will reflect the quality of ingredients you work with (aka cheap alcohol makes a cheap infusion!). Foodie Crush shares the complete recipe for this unique drink. Plus, in addition to being delicious on the rocks, this pickle infused vodka would make an awesome base for a Bloody Mary.

Blueberry Infused Vodka (and a Frozen Lemonade Recipe!)

Okay, back to the sweeter side of things. This blueberry infused vodka and frozen lemonade is a match made in heaven and makes the perfect complement for backyard barbeques all year long. All you need for the infusion is some fresh, organic blueberries (try your local farmer’s market!) and some Green Hope Wheat Vodka. It will take 24-36 hours to infuse and once it’s ready, you can add it to the lemonade recipe found here. Garnish with some frozen blueberries and you have yourself a party!

Oolong, Mango, and Orange Infusion

This is a funky mix for those that want their drinks with a splash of zen! Using high-quality oolong tea and vodka, simply add tea (either loose leaf or bagged), sliced mango or orange zest, and vodka to a jar and let it infuse for about two days, mixing at least once a day. If you want your mix sweeter, add more fruit.

Our vodka is delicious straight out of the bottle, but is even more special as one of these vodka infusions. Which one was your favorite?