Whether you’re a die-hard fan with paint on your face or more of a bystander that just enjoys the game day snacks, there is no denying that football season is upon us…and we’re excited! Fall is the perfect time for trying out new snack and drink recipes and here, we are highlighting seven of our favorite game day vodka cocktails! Grab a bottle of Green Hope and get mixing!

Hard Sweet Tea

Football is crazy in the south and there are few drinks more loved than a good ol’ southern sweet tea. As good as sweet tea is on its own, spike it with some vodka to make it into a fun game day refresher! This recipe calls for vodka, sweet tea, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and some mint.

Hint: If you use Green Hope Cane Vodka, you can ditch the simple syrup. We’ve got the sweetness covered!

Philadelphia Eagles Jell-O Shots

Whether or not you are an Eagles fan is beside the point because these shots are delicious and adorable! By layering Jell-O, cream, and black food coloring with vodka, these little drinks really show off the Eagles color and spirit!

Big Apple Martini

New York is home to two great teams and this apple martini is a fun way to pay homage to these NFL powerhouses. This “appletini” is so easy to make and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with its sour kick and fresh lemon flavor.

Homemade Lemonade

Like sweet tea, homemade lemonade is a southern classic that can’t go wrong! First, use this recipe for some delicious lemonade. Then, spike it with some Green Hope Corn Vodka to really take your concoction to the next level! This drink is so versatile, it will go with all of your game day treats!

Screamin’ Seahawk

This recipe was created in 2014 for the Seahawks’ Super Bowl run, but it is just as fun and delicious today! Using lemon juice, vodka, and Midori, you really get the electric blue and green of the team in a beautiful cocktail. Garnish with a lemon and little football helmet and you are ready to rock!

Battling Bronco

Like the Screamin’ Seahawk, this pretty little drink was thought up for the Denver Broncos’ 2014 Super Bowl game. It features vodka and blue curacao to create an electrifying color to mimic the team’s jerseys! And with an orange slice as garnish, you will really have the Colorado team represented!

Purple Haze Martini

Did you know that the Minnesota Vikings are the only NFL team to sport the color purple? Show them your support with this fun and feisty martini, made with vodka and blue curacao.

We don’t need the game to have an excuse to drink martinis, but it sure doesn’t hurt!

You don’t have to be a football pro to sit back, relax, and enjoy these seven game day vodka cocktails. Pair them with your favorite snacks and desserts and you’ve got yourself a perfect football afternoon! As Hank Williams says, “are you ready for some football?!” (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!)