Most of us like to think we know a lot about vodka – after all, we spend every weekend consuming it! However, there are many little known facts about vodka that might surprise you. So get ready to learn a whole lot more about your favorite form of liquid courage with these interesting facts!

Vodka is the Purest Alcoholic Beverage Available

Distilled from water ethanol and fermented grains? Check. Contains very little fusel oils? You bet. Carbon filtered? Yep! These are just a few of the reasons why vodka is the purest alcoholic beverage available.

Vodka Has a Shelf Life

Unlike wines, whiskeys, and other spirits, vodka does go bad if stored for long periods of time. Ideally, you should drink vodka within 12 months of the manufacture date.

…Not that any of us can resist drinking it for that long anyways!

Vodka is Lighter Than Water

One liter of water weighs 1,000 grams, while one liter of vodka weighs 953 grams. Although this isn’t the most useful of facts, you can still use it to impress your friends at the next happy hour!

Vodka Was Created for Medicinal Purposes

You know what they say – one shot of vodka a day keeps the doctor away! Okay, maybe we don’t say that now, but they probably did back in the day. Vodka used to be marketed as a possible cure for infertility, the plague, and more! Talk about a miracle drug…

And believe it or not, vodka is still used for some medicinal purposes today. From disinfecting toothaches to preventing poison ivy, vodka is good for more than just helping you forget about your worries. It can even help ease the pain when you rip off Band Aids (when applied, it helps wear down the adhesive).

Most Vodka Isn’t Made From Potatoes

…In fact, vodka wasn’t even originally made from potatoes!

Although there’s a common misconception that vodka is made from potatoes, most vodkas are actually made from other ingredients, including grains, sugar, even grapes! Historically, potatoes have proven to be a trusty source for vodka production, however, all you need to make vodka is a source of sugar!

Cold Vodka is Better Vodka

There’s a reason we store vodka in the freezer. Vodka is naturally heated due to the fact that it’s distilled to a minimum of 40% ABV or higher. When you refrigerate your vodka before you drink it, the heat is tamed and more of the viscosity and richness of the spirit comes out.

Vodka Used to Be Sold in Buckets

…That’s right. Before 1885, you could only purchase vodka in 12.3 liter buckets. Fortunately, some smart individual who was sick of being hungover invented smaller bottles from which we can enjoy our favorite spirit.

Vodka Can Be Used for More Than Drinking

Although vodka is very good at it’s intended purpose, it can actually be used for a variety of other purposes. Soak your razor blade in vodka after you shave to disinfect it and prevent it from rusting. Or add a bottle to your cleaning cabinet as it is a great way to clean glasses and your bathroom, since it effectively kills mold and mildew.

The Most Expensive Vodka Costs $3.7 Million

Want to treat yourself this weekend? Like really treat yourself? Try some Billionaire Vodka. With a price tag of $3.7 million, each bottle contains up to 5 liters of vodka made from a top secret Russian recipe. The bottle is also bedazzled with over 3,000 diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

…Oh and did we mention that the vodka’s distilled liquid is poured over millions of dollars worth of precious diamonds before being bottled?

The Strongest Vodka in the World is 96% ABV

…Yes you read that right. A Polish vodka called Spirytus Rektyfikowany is the most potent vodka in the world – coming in at a whopping 96% ABV. Holy hangover!